"The purpose of our journey, of our quest is to

reach the mystery of the

things of life."  

-African proverb.

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by Sylvia DESROSES

"Sages Voyages because it's wise to travel and travel makes it wiser."

Sylvia Desroses


Sages Voyages is a travel agency specializing in yoga, wellness and holistic care. We offer yoga and wellness retreats, exclusive experiences, and an international yoga teacher training program in the Caribbean and Africa.


What makes Sages Voyages truly unique is the integration of the concept of African Holistic Health and Wellness in each trip. So every journey is a quest, every trip has a purpose, for anyone in search of wellness and wisdom.


Sages Voyages encourages you to discover yourself in unknown territories, and create memories for life.

Our goal is to do everything in our power to offer you the best of each destination, in terms of discovery, well-being, holistic care, meetings and cultural immersion with unique, authentic programs and sometimes tailored.


That's why we integrate our holistic well-being approach to health and healing in the form of specific treatments or workshops. African Holistic Wellness considers the emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being of a person, as well as their physical well-being, to help them achieve optimal health from a holistic point of view.


We believe it is essential to provide our clients with an overall focus on health and well-being, offering them for each trip a total immersion in the local culture and a specific approach to well-being safeguarded by these communities thanks to their tradition and ancestral wisdom.

Sages Voyages is also an organizer of solidarity travel, in this sense, the tourist activity is respectful of the natural and cultural environment, privileged meeting and exchange, participate ethically in local development. We are part of a "responsible" and "fair" perspective, but more directly with solidarity projects: especially with Martinique, Dominica, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Zimbabwe. We have launched development actions, as well, part of the travel prize, a humanitarian project, rehabilitation or a social project.

So we moved to development action with a portion of the price of the stay. By collaborating with collaborative service providers: agricultural cooperative such as the Gardens of Hope in Benin, indigenous with the Kalinago territory in Dominica, group of villagers, women's association, etc. .

To leave with wise Travels, it is not to change the World, it is above all to accept to change and to evolve.